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Front sides of the first three HCPP badges.
  • Front sides of the first three HCPP badges.
  • Front face of the HCPP20 badge, Digital Totality.
  • Bottom side of the HCPP20 badge, Digital Totality.
  • Front face of the HCPP19 badge, Opt Out.
  • Front face of the HCPP18 badge, New Order.
  • Packaging in a holographic sealed gift box.


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A set of HCPP Badge devices at discount. A new HCPP Badge (https://hcpp.monerodevices.com/) debuts at Paralelní Polis each year and gives you contactless data access over RFID (ISO 14443) radio.

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Powered by two contactless NFC NDEF tag (type 4) EPROMS (2Ko storage) the HCPP Badge supports a variety of radio connected data access. Modify it's appearance, program it yourself, impersonate your other NDEF devices, or use it for plain card and tag backups. Find information at https://hcpp.monerodevices.com/

The electronic badge needs no batteries or cables, and features a innovative design to defend against opportunistic data theft. A colourful translucent frame protects the artistically decorated device.

Visit a instructor guided onsite or online Badge Clinics to learn how to use and modify your badge. Get creative and download the Opensource project archive to hack it even more.

This item describes a set of the badges as illustrated, together with all accessories as if each device were purchased separately.


Data sheet

Bumper Frame
Printed Manual
Not included
Lanyard (Neck)
Monero design
Made in Germany

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